Medsoc Musical

medsoc series

One of these days someone was going to drag Arthur bloody Wellesley kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century. Today was clearly not that day. Why he couldn’t just send a group email like any other director was a mystery to Grant.

“Did you get it?” William asked breathlessly. Still in his rugby kit; he must have run all the way.

“No,” Grant said, glaring at the JCR notice-board. “And look who did.”

Title: Medsoc Musical (series)

Author: fengirl88

Characters: William De Lancey, Colquhoun Grant, Jonathan Strange, and Arthur Wellesley

Summary: AU in which Team Peninsular are medical students at the University of Cambridge. The Medsoc’s Christmas musical is the Rocky Horror Picture Show; Grant is not happy with the casting.

Notes: Several of these stories were written for challenges at fan_flashworks, but all are available at Archive Of Our Own (see below).


Part 1: Give You Some Terrible Thrills: One of these days someone was going to drag Arthur bloody Wellesley kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century. Today was clearly not that day.

Part 2: A Much Better Game: Only Arthur Wellesley would insist on having the end-of-show party in a sodding mansion in the middle of bloody nowhere.

Part 3: Why Don’t You Stay for the Night: A coach journey, an accident, and a happy ending.

Part 4: Eggs in the Morning: “So, how do you like your eggs in the morning?”

Part 5: Photographic Reconstruction: It was Jonathan’s idea, of course, recreating that photograph from the set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the Medsoc display at the Freshers’ Fair.

Part 6: Arrivals: Even after all these years, the sight of Grant in a crowd still catches Jonathan under the heart.

Part 7: Snapshot: It’s Jonathan’s favourite picture of Grant, of all the ones he’s taken.

Part 8: Apple: Jonathan catches up with Grant on his break.

Part 9: Knullruffs: The only thing louder than the fire alarm is Walter Pole’s pyjamas.

Part 10: Available Without Prescription: “Can’t sleep,” Jonathan grumbles. “Read to me?”

Part 11: The End of Summer: Grant keeps just one picture in his wallet, an image from the end of their first summer together.

A Cornish Meeting


In the small cottage, Grant stretches and checks the clock once more. Nearly time to go down to the beach to wait for the boat. He puts down his book, noting the page, and fetches his coat from the rack by the door.

Outside the night is very still. He came here two days ago, all the way to the far reaches of Cornwall to a small, obscure village on the banks of the Helford river. It’s little more than a cluster of cottages and fishing sheds around the wide bay onto the river. SOE have been using it as a convenient place to land boats, bringing agents to and from the continent, without anyone observing. Tonight, the cargo to be landed is more precious to Grant than any other. Jonathan, abroad for over a month, is finally being sent home.

Title: A Cornish Meeting

Author: Owl_by_Night

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange, ref. Colquhoun Grant/Arabella Strange and Colquhoun Grant/Arabella Strange/Jonathan Strange

Summary: Grant meets Jonathan on his return from an overseas mission.

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You Can Be Had

mission doll grant

Jonathan likes this time of day – the not-so-small hours, after a good night’s clubbing. It’ll still be dark for ages yet, though it’s so warm it doesn’t feel like December. He drapes his jacket over his shoulders and breathes in the sour-sharp air of the city streets.

He and Art and William sit in Bar Italia till it closes at 5, then walk through Soho. Art is grumbling about the lack of all-night places in London, how the developers have taken the heart out of the city, how it would all have been different fifty years ago.

“Well, you would know,” William says, and Art smacks him hard on the arse and calls him a cheeky young whippersnapper.

Title: You Can Be Had

Author: fengirl88

Characters: William De Lancey, Colquhoun Grant, Jonathan Strange, and Arthur Wellesley, in various combinations

Summary: A modern AU inspired by the plot of the musical Guys and Dolls.

Author’s Notes: This is for Owl_by_Night and etave, who originally prompted it in a Tumblr conversation about Guys and Dolls and then egged me on to write it.

Chapter 1: Jonathan makes an ill-advised bet after a night at the club with his friends.

Chapter 2: The crypt of St-Martin-in-the-Fields isn’t where Jonathan thought his night out would end, but here he is, with the man from the Mission – his name is Grant, apparently – who insists that what he needs is hot sweet tea.

Chapter 3: Whatever Jonathan was expecting from dinner with Mission Man, it didn’t include getting flustered and being teased about it before they’ve even got inside the restaurant.

Chapter 4: Jonathan’s phone wakes him with a text message from Art: no words, but a picture that’s the very definition of NSFW.

Chapter 5: Jonathan and Grant go to the cinema, amongst other things.

Chapter 6: From the aftermath of the row to New Year’s Eve.

Chapter 7: Henry Woodhope’s scary kid sister is the last person Jonathan expected to meet at the Save-a-Soul Mission.

Chapter 8: Grant’s wearing the same middle-aged blue cardigan and dull t-shirt he wore for dinner at the Cuban restaurant; it’s infuriating that Jonathan now finds this outfit attractive.

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You Can Be Had Extras

Chapter 1: Flawed Hero: A glimpse of Art’s point of view.

Chapter 2: Squaring Up: Art’s had these encounters before with the man in possession.

Chapter 3: Strips Nicely: “I bet that one strips nicely,” Art’s godmother had said, staring appreciatively at some well built rugby-player.

Chapter 4: A Silver Bracelet: The bracelet’s a flat band of silver, engraved with Elvish characters.

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I Will Lay Me Down

I Will Lay Me Down


Major Colquhoun Grant scanned the faces around the table they’d set up in the converted stables at the end of the courtyard and breathed a sigh of relief when he noted a particular absence.

“Where’s Strange?” he asked the man next to him.

“Oh, he took himself off to the mountains as soon as the post arrived. Said the men need him to read their letters for them.”

Grant smirked. It was clear that the magician undertook this task out of a need to boost his sense of self importance rather than any altruistic motivation but as least he was making himself useful and keeping out of the way.

Title: I Will Lay Me Down

Author: solitaryjo

Characters: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant, Arthur Wellesley & Jonathan Strange

Summary: Colonel De Lancey receives a letter that shakes him to the core.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Swipe Right

Swipe Right


Supper was over that Sunday evening and so the four of them walked out into the front garden, conversing amiably in the deepening twilight. Arthur was lighting the first of several post-meal cigarettes and murmuring something appreciative about the late summer blooms in Bell’s flowerbeds, and Jonathan lagged behind the others, watching with boyish fascination the wavering flight of a moth. His wife took the opportunity to thread her arm through Colquhoun Grant’s, leaning her head affectionately on his shoulder.

“You know how much Jonathan and I enjoy having you over for these Sunday suppers,” she said gently. “But it makes us sad to think of you dining alone all the rest of the week.”

“I don’t hear you telling Arthur that,” he remonstrated with a good-natured smile.

Title: Swipe Right

Author: onstraysod

Characters: William De Lancey/Colquhoun Grant

Summary: Colquhoun Grant has given up on his love life, but his friends – Arthur Wellesley and Bell and Jonathan Strange – have done no such thing. Without Grant’s knowledge, his profile is posted to an online dating site and it isn’t long before William De Lancey shows up at his door. William’s planned an unusual first date, but Grant is less than enthusiastic. Will love prevail?

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Chance Encounters

Chance Encounters


“We apologise for the delay to this service. This is due to an earlier train fault. We should be departing shortly.”

The announcer doesn’t sound any more convincing than the last three times he mentioned their apparently imminent departure, which has gone from fifteen minutes late to simply ‘delayed’. Grant shifts his weight from one foot to the other and mops his face on his sleeve. He’d like to be anywhere but here. On fucking exercise for four weeks and now stuck on this packed train on the hottest day of the year. He wouldn’t have got on the train at all if it hadn’t been for the contents of the memory stick, tucked in the inner pocket of his uniform trousers that has to get back to Wellesley tonight so the analysts can start looking at it.

Title: Chance Encounters

Author: Owl_by_Night

Characters: William De Lancey/Arthur Wellesley, Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange

Summary: A chance meeting on an overcrowded train leads to an exchange of phone numbers, but Grant has secrets to keep and it’s not always easy to begin a relationship when the other person doesn’t know who you really are.

Author’s Notes: This initially grew out of a kinkmeme prompt asking for Grant overheating in his uniform, but changed into modern Grant overheating in a different uniform and then grew a plot without my noticing. Also partially inspired by an episode of Spooks/MI5 where Tom goes undercover as an army officer.

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for peace comes dropping slow

for peace comes dropping slow


Grant wakes quietly and immediately – one second his eyes are closed and the next he’s staring into pitch darkness slowly reassembling itself into furniture shapes. He can’t work out why at first – maybe just the ghost of nights of shallow sleep, stretched out under cars or canvas or dust-tinted sky – until a stone rattles the windowpane, more like a sequel than a first attempt. He knows who it is before he opens the window, but he makes a show of starting a little, to please Strange.

“Grant.” Strange sounds pleasantly surprised to see him, like they’ve just run into each other in Tesco’s. “You took so long to wake up, I feared you would never come.” He’s leaning against something that glows in the gloom like a UFO. Knowing Strange, it could well be.

Title: for peace comes dropping slow

Author: wordonawing

Characters: Colquhoun Grant/Jonathan Strange, Colquhoun Grant/Arabella Strange/Jonathan Strange, Arabella Strange/Jonathan Strange

Summary: Modern AU in a military setting.  Grant and Strange go on a road trip.

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